Weight loss supplements are an excellent solution to help you keep on track with your weight loss goals. Our weight loss products offer increased energy levels, increased focus and concentration, and appetite suppression. Boosting your metabolism and burning fat has never been easier for Alabama residents.

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Natural and Effective Weight Loss Products

Lipotropic B-Complex Injections
Lipotropic B-Complex Injections
  • Speed the loss of fat tissue
  • Increase your energy level
  • Boost your immune system
  • Reduce water retention
  • Noticeably increase inches lost
  • Improve focus and concentration
  • Keeps hair and nails strong
Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate
Garcinia Cambogia and Yerba Mate
weight loss supplement

NEW powerful weight loss supplement in the form of coffee. You simply drink one in the morning and right away you feel and see the results that will last you throughout the day. This product gets rave reviews!!

  • Suppresses appetite
  • Burn fat and block starches from being stored as fat
  • Energy booster and mood enhancer
  • Helps with fluid retention and digestion
Cortisol Manager
Cortisol Manager

When under a lot of stress your body produces the hormone cortisol and its natural response is to store fat in the mid-section. By taking this product, you produce less cortisol, which in turn causes your body to store less fat and burn more. Cortisol Manager combines stress-reducing ingredients and cortisol-lowering botanicals to help reduce stress and relieve occasional sleeplessness. This safe, natural and non-habit forming formula increases the ability to fall asleep, stay asleep, and will not cause morning grogginess, while providing all-day stress reduction.

Natures Trim-Away
Natures Trim-Away

Nature’s Trim Away is a proven all-natural combination of herbal and fruit extracts designed to dramatically decrease your appetite, enhance weight loss, and increase energy level when used in combination with your diet program. Each capsule contains: Chromium Picolinate 200 mcg 167%, Trim Away Proprietary Blend 800 mg*, Citrus Aurantium 6%, Green Tea 50%, Cha De Bugre, Caffeine, Mucuna Pruriens L-DOPA, Garcinia Cambogia 50%, Lotus Extract, Fucoxanthin 10%, L-Tyrosine. Other ingredients: Gelatin, Cellulose, Silcon Dioxide and Magnesium Stearate. *Daily Value not established. Take 2 capsules before breakfast each day.

Essential Calorie Burn
Essential Calorie Burn

Strawberry flavor infuser with green tea antioxidants. Help suppress your appetite, burn more calories and boost your metabolism.

Superior Fiber Blend
Superior Fiber Blend

A great tasting advanced fiber drink mix formulated to help lower cholesterol and support cardiovascular and digestive health.

  • Reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease
  • Helps lower cholesterol
  • inimizes the absorption of (bad) cholesterol
  • Helps maintain HDL (good) cholesterol or triglycerides
  • Stabilizes healthy blood sugar (glucose) levels
  • Promotes healthy cardiovascular and digestive systems
  • Supports a healthy colon
  • Prevents constipation and potential complications
  • Stimulate the growth of healthy bacteria
Super Omega-3
Super Omega-3

Super concentrated supplement that supports optimal function of your metabolic system:

  • Lowers bad cholesterol
  • Raises good cholesterol
  • Helps maintain a healthy cardiovascular system
  • Promotes healthy skin, hair and nails
  • Great tasting Medifast is one of the most concentrated sources of EPA and DHA oils available
  • These oils support brain, heart, eye and joint health
  • Third party tested for guaranteed purity
Visit our weight loss center in Cullman, Alabama,
for top-quality wellness and health productsor give us a call today
to set up your free consultation.

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